Black Scene LIVE Streaming Instructions

Streaming Video for the Black Community

How to Broadcast Live on the Black Scene

Live streaming on the Black Scene is easy as streaming on Youtube with a few exceptions. The Black Scene does not have a built in streaming app connected to the website so we use any third party streaming app you can download from the Apple store or Google Play. Follow the steps below and you are up and streaming in no time.

  1. Create yourself an account on the Black Scene
  2. Complete your profile and customize your channel
  3. Click on the red LIVE button on the top right menu
  4. You will see the screen below:
  5. Overview

  6. Under Devices Stream Info is your rtmp server URL that you will plug into your streaming app. You will want to copy it and paste it into the app.
  7. Next you will get your Stream name/key and copy and paste that into your streaming app
  8. Give your streaming channel a title and description and click Make Stream Publicly Listed.
  9. Make sure you click Save Stream

Getting a Third Party App

Visit your app store and search for rtmp streaming. There are many apps that will appear to choose from but we suggest Manycam for your phone or the Smooth Live Streaming app for your phone or tablet. Either one will work find.

You can also use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) which works well with the Black Scene rtmp server. If you know how to use OBS, you should have no problem. Follow the instructions with OBS when plugging in the rtmp server URL and Stream key.

Chat Box

There is a chat box available to chat with your visitors that you can lower and raise.

Promoting Your Live Channel

Once you begin streaming, you want others to view your live stream.

If you own a website or have a social media page, you can copy and paste the embed code located under the Embed Stream box. You can also use the Live URL to plug into other apps.


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