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Black Scene

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Diaspora Media

for black america

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Black Scene

An Afro-American Video Sharing Site. Channels, subscribers and more

Sanity Podcast

Audio podcast; shows, downloads, music and more

Streaming Radio

Internet radio serving up news & information.

Live Streaming

Live stream from your desktop, tablet, or cell-phone right to your channel.

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Post your videos or podcast across social media with our share tools.

Music and Talk

Stream music or talk radio from your phone into your headset.

Where Does the Money Go?

Your financial support goes directly into the backend of the Afro BCN platform, which makes it function for the users on the front end. This includes, hardware, software, and other electronic equipment.

Your funds also help offer a platform to voice the opinions and rants of the Black community against oppression and injustice. You have to respect that!

Users can upload videos, live stream events, and create channels for media redistribution throughout the nation and world.

Our goal is to set up multiple funds for victims of police violence, domestic abuse and low-income families to draw from in times of need. You can help with all this b y donating one time or on a recurring basis.

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Your Rewards for Donating

Give Toward Justice

and defeat injustice

Help us build a fund for those who need support. It starts with us caring for and looking out for one another even if we do not know one another. Sometime anonymous is better when we know our donations are going to a good cause. Donate Now

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Help us develop a network of paid, streaming TV programs like Netflix or Amazon Prime. If you produce and market shows, join us in building the network.

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If you have any further questions on what we are doing, please let us know. Any ideas, suggestions or constructive criticisms are welcomed.

The Chicago Shootings

white America's go to Lie of Deflection

Hoodwinking the Black Community Again


The Afro BCN believes in freedom of speech so we provide venues for community voices to express themselves and broadcast their views.

We offer video sharing, live streaming, podcast channels and live Internet radio broadcasting, music and commentary.

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